Belinda has been working with her clients over the past 12 years specialising in Traumatic Patterning, occurrences and shifting our mindset through Emotional Awakening Techniques which incorporate modalities of bodywork, Breathwork and Energy Healing. 

Belinda’s Foundation is based on her own experiential Self-healing and has continually developed her craft over the last decade.  She looks at the human form like a road map and taps into our own intelligence to allow us the freedom to release those emotions and thoughts that are holding us back, whilst feeling safe & held. 


Belinda allows the guidance of ancient Japanese Acupressure to help you to feel in a space of peace and shows you techniques to bring back the equilibrium and love for life.  Belinda brings through an amazing way of healing and teaching and gives you the tools to continue

your journey at home. 

Belinda and her teachings are celebrated and Accredited  by the World Metaphysical Association and Accreditation Council of Holistic Healers.  

We allow the Recipients to feel as held and supported through their processes. Our Studio is located in the beautiful bayside Suburb of Ormiston.   We look forward to meeting you soon.

Love BB