Covid 19 - Safe Work Measures

During this time of uncertainty in order for Soul Vibes to return to our normal operations we have had to continually make changes to the way that we offer Services and Sessions.  Our Commitment to you and our own Health at this time needs to be highlighted to abide by the Governments Covid Safe Workplaces.

On this page you will see what we are doing to assist and to bring normality back as quickly as possible.  There is also a link at the bottom to information flyers.  We have as businesses been asked to bring mention around the Covid App, I choose not to link the app to this website or to provide any links to the APP.  This is my preference however information is available if you choose to Google it.  


  • Liquid Soaps and Sanitiser is available for Everyone to use before, after & during sessions.

  • All equipment is cleaned with disinfectant between clients.

  • Disposable Products are used if appropriate.  

  • Fresh Clean towels are changed between clients.  

  • Matts will be sanitised before and after meditation if they have been used during sessions.

  • Rapid RE-BOOTS  (Compression Therapy Boots) will be sanitised and cleaned appropriately before and after sessions.

  • Clients will be asked if they are sick or unwell, have travelled overseas or have been in contact with someone who is sick and unwell that they reschedule their appointment with a 14 day interval.

  • Clients will be asked to sign a declaration of health through a disclaimer before commencement of their appointment.

  • Any clients who are deemed as being high risk by the standards of QLD Chief Health Minister (Over 65 and Immune Compromised) will be seen on a case by case basis and at the discretion of the therapist.

  • All Meditation and Group Sessions will be limited to 10 people and enough space will be provided that Social Distancing is Available.  


  • Feel free to bring your own Towels for Drapping during sessions.

  • Bring your own Matt for Meditation and Group Sessions.

  • Be Honest and Up front if you are ILL and reschedule your Appointment.

  • Use basic common sense and personal hygiene.

  • If you are unsure please feel free to ask.

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