Welcome to Our Soul Vibes Studio.  As you weave your way through our website you will find that we offer a huge range of services.  Everything from  Reiki, Kundalini Activations, Spiritual Development Workshops & Retreats and Shamanic Practices, Spiritual Life Coaching.  Belinda has an extensive background in Acupressure, Bodywork, Emotional Release, Traumas and Addiction and Energy Healing and has had teachers from All over the World assisting her on her journey.  

Belinda's Teachings meld all of her years of experience and trusted guidance and are created specifically on an individual basis.  Belinda and her teachings are celebrated and Accredited  by the World Metaphysical Association and Accreditation Council of Holistic Healers.

We allow the Recipients to feel as held and supported through their processes. Our Studio is located in the beautiful bayside Suburb of Ormiston.   We look forward to meeting you soon.

Love BB

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