11/06 Energy Portal Update ~ 13 ~ 4

Mama Quilla ~ Wife of the Sun God ~ Moon Mother

For a lot of women we are unable to seperate our needs and that of our Children. We carry them for so long that our Legs reap the heaviness our Wombs throb and we block our own pathway to fully experiencing the joy of just delivering and raising, we continually hold what we have been taught to hold and that is our child's energy all of it including spiritually, emotionally, physically, psychologically...interesting when we lay it out like this...

I quite often journey through the night and last night was another night of journeying...sleep is not needed in this state however the body still becomes rested. The communication last night was with Mama Quilla she presented herself in the most amazing way and was shown that I was calling her to assist. After a yoni steam yesterday where I was presented with the visions and embodiment of the heaviness I was spoken to directly regarding the learnt inhumane beliefs of the people.

The energy portal of 11/06 is one of such power and grace that we are being asked to drop all of our inhumane beliefs and behaviours and to embody our sacred birth rights. We are being asked to drip feed our system (Starting at the Pineal Gland) with Light, silver and golds in all forms whether that be colour or the glistening gems them self.

How do we do this....We visualise starting at the crown and working our way down, focusing on the breasts, stomach and womb. Our lymphatic system and stomachs over the past 6 months has been taking quite the punishment and have been trying to digest and process all of the turbulence that we has a collective have been pushing through. Our Tribes have been our best mirrors and yes we have all been in this together. The synchronicities of our Communities is ripe and energetics rippling through the cosmos on every possible level.

The heaviness in the legs we spoke of earlier on is the lymphatic system in overdrive...it's crying for release...its crying for forgiveness...

its crying for Mama...We have the opportunity today and everyday to call on our own Mama Quilla and embody the sacredness of the Feminine goddess...embody our Cycles and our inner yearning for peace and free flowing feminism.

~ I am here to assist ~ It's time to embody ~



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