A Mum's Life

As a child you dream of having the fairy tale life, the life that you see growing up on shows and movies. Where the man of your dreams comes sailing in and sweeps you off your feet, the perfect children, the perfect house, everything you could ever wish for. Our Parents that play apart and in my case especially showed no arguing, no struggle and we were completely provided for, we had everything we wanted, all the sport, all the food, beautiful houses and all the love in the world.

A day in the life of being a mum is interesting, I always say Everyday is like Christmas you never know what you are going to unwrap!!! I am a mum of 4 Beautiful Children 3 Boys aged 20, 11 & 7 and a beautiful 4 yr old girl. Now comes the good stuff with only the 3 little ones left at home and all the kids being at their different development stages we can have a whirlwind of emotions like 50 different feelings within 10 minutes hahaha. You are constantly micromanaging behaviours, being a referee, putting dolls heads back on their bodies you name it we have it here and it usually all happens at once. We have some added issues here and this is the stuff I want to talk about so lets get real!!

My boys are special and they all have their own little battles and as a mum you take all of that on and try to fix and help because our kids have chosen us to assist and guide them during this life time. In this house alone we have ASD, ADHD, Tourettes TICS, Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorders, Delayed Development on a physical, Mental and Emotional Level. That is just the Medical Mainstream specialities. On a Spiritual Level, All of my children hear, see and feel everything. On an emotional level we have a constant fight with all of the kids trying to work out who they are and they become overwhelmed with emotion because we do not ask them to suppress their emotions like we did growing up.

For me sitting back and watching all of these things play out is heart breaking and rewarding all at the same time. A day for me is waking around 3am generally and sitting in my quiet space as this is the only time I get to write like I am now. Mr 7 doesn't sleep so my day with him begins at 4am generally and he starts asking for food from the minute he wakes and gets over emotional because he thinks you are starving him when you say no. Miss 4 is up soon after and she just sits until she realises one of the boys is up and then it is the fight from her for attention. Mr 11 decides what sort of day he is going to have within minutes of him waking. He will become fixated on Antagonising his brother and sister and his tics are terrible first thing in the morning so the yelling and noise level is at its peak by 7am. Mr 11 is quite heavily medicated to help him through his day, however he doesn't like to take it and this is something that we are working towards is to get him off it.

Then the dressing and breakfast begins. They can't find their uniforms even though it is right in front of them, their shoes are to tight, their socks are annoying them, their shirts feel funny the material overnight has become itchy and teeth cleaning OMG why do they need to!! Breakfast is the same clearly I am a restaurant and they can order whatever they like even if its not on the menu. A morning in the life of a mother is painful and I now understand WHY my mum would've preferred to cut her ears off and poke her eyes out than do mornings with 3 kids!!! Then there is school run THANK FUCK its 8:20am and we can leave the instant relief when I drop those beautiful little angels off!!! Look don't get me wrong some mothers are really organised and hats off to them however ARE THEY REALLY!!!

Then we have the school well they do the best they can I suppose however not one day goes past where I am not getting a call about something because they don't really fit into mainstream schooling and issues are just to complicated and communication is poor to the point where now I have one that finishes early, why because there is no staff he will work with and gets restless because he metabolises his medication so quick so instead of following their suggestion and medicating even more I have chosen to have him home. So by the time I have finished 3 school runs and we get home we then have their appointments and sporting commitments.

By 5 we are having dinner and then we start the emotional rollercoaster that is our nights the TICS become increasingly louder and louder the emotional cries become louder and louder and holey crap its shower time WHY on earth would I be so mean and torture the children by making them shower, then there are NO UNDERPANTS for them to wear well clearly the washing fairy hasn't done their job properly.

By this time I am Rooted I've worked the majority of the day and had constant contact with my clients because this is my work and I love this part of me and if I didn't have this I would be a walking mental case!!! By 9 I am in bed not sleeping just in bed because I am not fit for human consumption anymore!! A round 5 hours of nap time and we get up and do it all again. This is just the short version!!

How do we do it!! Its simple each day is a new day and even though my fairy tale isn't really everything I imagined it is however my life and this is perfect for me at this time!! The fairy tale is already here I just couldn't see it.

We all have "Stuff" and our lives aren't all that different it just how we want to look at it.



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