A-rays of the Omni-verse

The army is here....not the earthly army however the one that we are counselled by. Our counsel of beings and leaders that sit at the forefront of our matrix that allow the transcending of the life that we are gifted in the physical human form. We are bought before counsel at times when we as the human being is in dis-aray meaning not in line with the light rays that are gifted to each of us. Counsel is the ability to navigate with the pure guidance of our star beings. We shift in our perceived path and allow just the light code chatter and the aray of light to enter the matrix and be with explosive embrace of the omni verses of all our directives.

Our voices are our allies...our song of the matrix is one of crystal tones and beats. Almost a clicking of such high intensity that the attuned aray is able to stabilise and communicate with what ever counsel of light chooses to step forward at that time. The ancient and beyond omni of scribe is available for translation at any time.

Call with the voice

I hear I see I speak

I allow the aray to penetrate

The being within is the being that transverses

The transverse is the songline to the omniverse

We embrace the aray of the matrix & communicate freely.


BB 💕🙏

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