Delving into the EYE of the Storm

We speak of the eye of the storm and the calm before the storm all common phrases that we here all the time.  What if we actually started working with the Eye of the Storm....What if the eye of the storm was being able to see through the mainstream lens of the eyes and what our perceived interpretation is...What if we could stand in front of ourselves and watch the eye of the storm erupt and then clear just like our weather patterns do...To stand in a place and look back at ourselves be our own mirror and have the ability to see ourselves in the light that our perceived lens views from and be able to work through all of those inhibitions.  To acknowledge and step forward allowing a full surrendered release of inhibitions.  How do you think you would view would see that the only person that actually holds judgement is YOUrself.  The only person holding YOU back and seeing your flaws is YOU.  The only person who is placing roadblocks in your way is YOU.  The only person that can possibly shift a brewing storm and just allow the light cleansing drizzle of the rain is YOU!!!  When we work with the medicines from the medicine men and women we are given the opportunity to view, clear and reconnect within our own visions.  Our visions of now are those of a complete rebuild of the matrix of the physical and energetic realms.  We learn to look beyond what we perceive to be our “sight” and connect not in this realm however in that of pure uninhibited heart space.  Our chakra and meridian system begin to work in unison why because they anchor points are the heart and the All seeing Eye. We don’t realise how much physical pain we sit in until we are able to access the higher realms of consciousness.  Our body tires...Our minds tire...we are completely at the hands of what we perceive to be the physical realm...the thought and behaviour patterns, the perceived trauma and situational damage that has been fed by our closed mind and eyes.  Its time to awaken the All Seeing EYE.  Its time to step out and step back into the Vision Realm.  Direct Communication 17-06-2020-18-9-1-22 ~ Iemslay ~ Sirian ~ Affiliation Seed “Child we come forward and open the eyes to see what we see.  We have no past present and future we sail with the waves of the song of the atmosphere and allow only the purest form of communication.  The truth that sits in and beyond the realms of what you call earth we call you a different name being the still planet. We call upon the light and dark workers to step forward and marry the two realms.  The stills believe that there is only one way and cannot connect the both worlds this is where we usher the help of the movement.  We embrace the processes of the ancient ones and see movement once more.  The stills cannot remain still for much longer they will be ushered forward and some will be presents others will join their what you call soul world.  The force is here now.  Focus on your work as it is more important now than ever before.  Say yes to all that want to move and no to the stills as the movement forward will allow the progression of the process”.  We see you..we move with love forward “Iemslay” ~ Direct Communication 17-06-2020-18-9-5-22

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