Detox ~ Clarity ~ Rise

So many of us are driven and advised that we must be on Social media to allow the expansion of our business. Marketing is everything is the line that is so often used in any type of business coaching. It's the face behind the brand. To be social and active you have to be on social and continually active!!!

I made the decision a month ago to have a break from social media and it has been amazing!!! I love the non-contact and the allowance of sitting with myself. Not feeling like I have to continually hold people and respond to them. Not distracting myself with everyone else. When you start to go through massive transformation and ascension you realise quite quickly that it doesn't matter what others expect from you or what you feel is expected as the only thing you need to focus on is yourself.

You have time to stop and listen to yourself. You have time to allow your body, mind and soul to rest. The beautiful part of this is that you learn very quickly who and where to direct your attention. The massive realisation for me has been that it was never about the friendships I thought I had on Social and being able to connect it was always about what I had to offer those at the time. What lessons were present and the learnings that I have gained from being in that space. On the flip side it has been about realising when enough is enough and when my soul has screamed out for down time.

Lets look at what has actually happened.

* In the last month I have had no contact with the "Usual" people.

* I have called in a new additional client base

* I have embraced a pain free Month ranging from an 8 most days to a 1 or 2

* I have averaged my sleep to 8 hours

* I have re-connected with my family

* I have a clear vision of where I would like to be

* My days are flowing no major upsets or challenges

* I can breathe

* I have welcomed new experiences in regards to my work

* I am sitting with myself in my entirety on a daily basis not just every other day

This is living...Not this other bullshit that I have carried with me. The importance is not on how many people I work with its the power of now and the power of now is presented in the most amazing ways. When we drop the ideal of who and what we thought we were and the idea that you actually care more about your clients than you do about yourself that is where the undoing comes. I have to send someone a message and check clients need focus is my focus is everything but ME...This is your undoing, this was my undoing.

The divine intervention of self stepping forward and listening to that inner voice and allowing the process of change. Loosening the grip on yourself and holding it together yes works well for awhile doesn't it and then nope you find you are tightening your grip and can't possibly allow anything to come in. Your physical body aches and becomes toxic but hold on a minute lets just blame it on the moon cycles or and underlying issue that we have been diagnosed with. What if we are just as toxic as shit and this is coming to the surface to let it all go and flow with ease and grace...The softening and allowance of self to be self and not the subjective and continually changing costume we chose to wear.

Ahh feels good doesn't it?? YES it surely does!!!

Detox ~ Clarity ~ Rise

I wish you all well on your journeys and your embodied human experience after all that is what we are doing...the art of living is now.



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