Find Your Conduit, You will find your path.

In this industry you come across a lot of big talkers, egos, and outrageous prices for people claiming to be able to “Heal” you to “Fix” you and to “Provide Messages from Loved Ones” to help you move through the grieving process and gain closure. Those times are changing and people are waking up to the forgery that is present in so many industries to make a quick dollar, who are governed by Social Media Fame and Likes. It’s all a bit of a joke really. Do any of these things matter if you are living within your truth and working directly with source for the betterment of yourself and those that choose to work with, none of it matters because you are working, speaking and living with such conviction that none of these things matter.

In the world of a true lightworker, teacher and messenger the only thing that matters is being the clear conduit for any and all of this work to shine through. You don’t go looking for the fame, the dollar, or the high flying connection that brings you your business, you work within yourself and those who are drawn to you will come.

It has always been and will always be the mission of a lightworker to keep expanding their knowledge their personal growth their ability to provide you with whatever it is you require at that time. It is their mission to provide you the light you have been looking for to give you the tools however not try and fix you but to hold you.

As humans we are required to go through turmoil at times, we are required to feel pain at times, we are required to fly and embrace the rollercoaster of emotions and go deep into our lives and everything that is presented to us. It is our birth right to have and experience all of these things, it is not our right as humans to expect someone to fix us or to pay outrageous prices for services that really have no benefit but give us a tiny bit of hope just in that moment. It is our birthright as humans to find someone that can hold you while you go through these things.

It is a common question for me why don’t you charge more for your services...For me it is not about the monetary value it is all about the exchange and by holding space for people and especially for myself to grow and expand. A true lightworker will struggle with putting a monetary value on their work because it is their true calling and this is their role this lifetime. Find a tribe that you connect with, that offer both support and service. It is within these tribes that you will be held to find your answers and where you will learn that there is always the ebb and flow of life and things will seem much easier.

Our divine have our backs and they have placed beautiful conduits in your path to hold you. Find your conduit you will find your path.



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