Finding Your Inner Voice

Finding your inner voice….

When people talk about finding your inner voice what does this mean…Is it the voice of reason? Is it your voice backed up by all of the little voices from inside your head? Is it the little voice that is entertaining the outside influences? Or is it simply that you’ve gained a sense of self worth and are honouring yourself by speaking up about what works for you and what doesn’t?

Your inner voice is that in which you are free. Speaking in a way that honours both you and those you are talking to. Your inner voice is not that egotistical righteous preaching that we see some people do regardless of the feelings of others. That is not what finding your inner voice is, that is Control and the I’m so much better than everyone else voice.

When we are struggling to be ourselves and not speak you can see physical aspects come to the surface. For instant, back and shoulder issues, sore throat and restrictive breathing, heart palpitations, Thyroid issues, tension headaches. These are just a few of the symptoms. Most commonly the Solar Plexus and the Throat are connected and if one is out so is the other. Being creative in your approach (Solar Plexus) to speaking allows the voice (throat) to be heard.

By this stage you will be sitting in the heart space (Meaning the 4 minor heart chakras and the major are functioning) because you are valuing yourself.

When we work with people on working with their inner voice it is about teaching them to shift their thoughts and behaviours around how they see themselves as a person. What do they stand for? What is it that doesn’t align with them and that comes down to Self-worth and confidence. This is what finding your inner voice is.

When we are balanced and confident within ourselves there is no need to find the voice anymore and suppress your beliefs. Everything flows beautifully and you are honouring not only yourself but each person you are in contact with and you are raising their vibration at the same time. In order to ascend and to step up our voice is so important.



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