Fractal Patterning & all things "Others"

“Fractal Patterning” and all things “Others”

Wow what a couple of weeks we have had….Some can say its Mercury Retrograde and the calm before the storm or in this case the storm before the calm. For most of us though there is a real shift happening in who we are willing to invest in and who we are aligning with. This is and has been an ongoing pattern over the last two years.

There are many “Outside” influences at present and dimensional moving going on which is obvious even to those who don’t believe in planetary and universal forces. What we are seeing is Fractal Patterning at its best. What is fractal patterning…Fractal Patterning is a never ending pattern it is created on loads of different levels and is repeating a simple process over and over creating a feedback loop. This can be almost like your own sabotage mission if I choose to be graphic which I am.

Imagine repeating the same thing over and over again…OMG We live it everyday.


There is opportunity at the moment for us to tap into the energy of the “Others” (When I say Others I’m talking Beings (Pleiadian, Sirians, Ashtar Command and Arcturians) that we in the human world can’t imagine and do not have the ability to understand. Life with these brothers and sisters is allowing an opportunity for Humans to move forward and preparing the master healers of our kind to step forward and to embrace their roles for further ascension. To obtain the knowledge of the ancient ones and the most consciously advanced of our kind.

What does this have to do with Fractal Patterning…Earth as a whole and its people are masters at sabotaging their own existence and are able to sit in a place of Ego (Fear) without even knowing they are doing it. To Humans this is just a normal part of life our unique ability to repeat the same things over and over and not learn, not understand the greater meaning of why we are here and not obtain a level of consciousness where we can live, work and be in multiple dimensions.

Our Lessons from our guiding teams of “Others” are here for the taking if we are prepared to let go of all control. If we are prepared to start working with them. The Fractal Patterning of Earth as a whole is rippling out to each individual and it takes pure devotion and love for self to break the patterns. What are you going to do….I choose to continue my communication with “Others” Personally I feel absolutely grounded, safe and ready to ascend knowing that I have followed my true path and that is to work with and educate as many that choose to be guided by Us.

My Love and communication with the “Others” has been kept under wraps for the last 12 months as I was ridiculously worried about what other people including my “Friends” would think and now I don’t care as I know that they have so much to offer and I put my hand up and I stand with them to enable the new world to come forward. Are you ready to embrace the new world?



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