Gratitude is my Attitude

Gratitude is my Attitude..being humble in the life we live and the world that we bring forward is the best life hack we can possible know. It was bought up in Meditation the other day "How do you stay in a place of non-reaction when someone is throwing every negative word, situations and just plain shit fueled

behaviour at you" .... You back yourself 100%.

We can't help or change other people's behaviours or actions. What we can do is stop, not react, we can quite firmly and honorably state our point and respond appropriately. When you have a ruthless narcissist on the delivering end this is the best way to handle things. Allow them to continue without response. you are in full control and this is what their trigger will be, when that abuse comes flying at you be the DUCK!! The old saying Water off a Duck's Back there is no need to allow it to affect you. Things will only affect you if you allow them too.

Remember this is their perception not yours. Stand in true conviction that you are who you are and 99% of the time it won't matter what you say or how you try and fix things on some level these people are just out for a fight and control they thrive on it, they thrive on sitting in a victim state, they thrive on the drama. They are looking for someone to blame instead of standing up and taking responsibility for themselves.

Most of the time these people are very lonely they are searching for someone to fix things, for someone to boost their ego by bowing down to them, because it is so hard for them to be themselves, they don't know who they are, understand that this is their "stuff" and some people will never be ready for the truth or ready to look at themselves its easier to attack someone else. This is patterning and if you were to look into it, it certainly wouldn't be the first time this situation has occurred.

Those you need to be in contact with or working with will respect and have a place of gratitude in the heart for the outstanding person that you are. If you have to yell out;

QUACK just to remind yourself that you 100% back yourself.



How simple life is when you learn how to back yourself and live in a space of gratitude.



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