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Why Combination Therapy is so important for Our Backs…

One of the most common causes of discomfort in adults is lower back pain. 4 out of 5 adults will suffer some sort of lower back pain through their lives. Studies have shown that after 6 week of weekly combination therapy sessions 36% had a dramatic improvement in their pain levels. By placing Whole Body Massage, Energy Healing, Triggered Emotional Release and Cranial Sacral Therapy the results can be outstanding where the normal realms of massage and relieving the tight muscles around the spine which can be short lived are extended and pain levels remain at a minimum if any at all.

In Most People L4 and L5 are the disks most prone to damage and this is believed to be because of the load of the curve in the spine, weight gain and poor lifting and moving procedures, age is a factor as well as our disks dry up. The use of Trigger points, Massage and Acupressure allows the particular area a fresh supply of oxygen and blood to the area allowing for free movement and disperses the lactic acid build up that occurs. By using this method, we can free the trapped nerves and potentially eliminate muscle spasms.

We look at how the body holds itself and then the basic movements that you should have. Taking into account that each body is different reading the energy of the body and allowing the client to relax so we can then watch the way each muscle allows the flow of blood and oxygen to circulate.

This is such an interesting process as mainstream conventional methods there is only one way where as when we use combination Therapy, we look at the body as a whole including energetic fields and meridian based techniques. In some people they will want their back worked on only and you could potentially be working on their legs or arms. This is where you know you have Bodywork Therapist working holistically with you.

As a Holistic Bodywork Therapist our aim is to arm you with tools like Natural Pain Management, At Home Techniques for Massage and Trigger Points, Heat Management, Body Movement Work and of Course Core Strengthening. By working as a team, we find the results are far better than just seeing a therapist to fix your pain.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you feel free to call the clinic and Book with Belinda on 3207 2100 or send a text message to 0455543544.



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