Lemurian Connections, Coloured People and Beyond

Lemurian Connections and the “Coloured People” Transmission

As we are still sitting in the upgrade which began in the 5:5 portal activation in May 2018 we are ready to step up the light code activations again for those that identify as Lemurian Collective and the “Coloured People” (The communication that is being bought forward is that this race is to be known as the “Coloured People” for now for the earthly understanding). From the understanding as the coloured people is that these are the collective wave of the conscious ones from the cosmic light parties that are establishing and reforming the light code activation grids that are coming through.

Lightworkers of our time have the ability to reprogram the codes of ascension and the blue print of not only the consciousness but the individual print of the human race as we know it. Many lightworkers are struggling with the what now and the directional ability and flow of the confusion that the coding is establishing as their human form is not integrating at the speed of the codes.

Multidimensional transmissions and travel are unable to come through and download because of this lag in the consciousness of the lightworkers. Message is very clear and that is to commit to assisting the “Coloured People, the Lemurian Collective and Beyond”. At this time we are able to link the earth, stars and Dimensions of the 7th, 8th and 9th to bring forth the grids of the ancient Lemurian Consciousness and Beyond of vibrations and activations.

Memories and dreaming of past civilisation especially when working with specific crystals like Lemurian Seed Quartz have the ability to shift that perception and lag that we are finding in the lightworker society. The information being presented is simply to activate now. Our role this lifetime and beyond is to become one with the “light codes”, “symbols”, “geometric funding” (This term is explored later) is to be the vibration of the seeds. It is our role to bring the out of the box game and nurturing that is required for our civilisation to go beyond the realm of the controlled race we currently live with.

The Geometric Funding is the “energetic money” and scriptures that is being offered to assist with the activations of the light codes. This is the purest form of abundance and if willing allows you to tap into each and every source of support you can possibly have.

Lightworkers it is time to remove all aspects of Ego, Fear based emotion and purge to be the purest form of activation we can be. You are being called to activate now and be part of the collective consciousness that is required for our survival and beyond.

The closing message “As Above So Below, As Within So Without”


BB and (Beyond)

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