Let's Sit for a minute

Let's sit for a minute...

Today feels like a recognition day... during our lifetimes we will be faced with with those days that only you want to sit with and sometimes run away from. There is always that one person that you will feel their every emotion, their physical pains, their sadness and their joys. We support each other through these processes why because it is effortless flow. The energies meld and the souls dance just like the Roses in the garden. They dance and flow so effortless and you are mesmerised by their ability to adapt.

Without the medicina we do not grow. Without the recognition to our peers we are just creating a competitive stream of bullhsiit and money driven egotistical stigmas that we hide behind. Without doing our own inner work we sit in a space of stagnant repetitive behaviours. Our Mirrors are now unveiled and together we can move forward in flow.

I love my dearest and nearest and they know it.

I thank my loves everyday and together we step forward effortlessly in our purest form. Feel your relationships people and know that you are not obligated to actually communicate, work with or be with anyone. Simply feel it or leave it.

I'm off to dance on this gorgeous Saturday.

Love BB

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