Let's Talk Spectrum

** Let’s talk Spectrum **

When we grew up there was never any talk about Autism Spectrum or any type of Learning or behavioural issues at school or in the general community. Why am I talking about this today because it hits close to my heart and someone has to talk about it. There will be someone on here today who will take a really important piece of information or understanding away from todays piece and that means my job is done.

We can argue the point of Why do kids these days have to medicated and why are there so many children diagnosed, we can blame food, immunisations, environments whatever we want to blame. The statistics are very blurred and hard to find as at 2015 the percentage of children were 1:100 children were diagnosed the other statistic that was found was 1:63 that was dated 2017. Most statistics are focusing on ages 0-6 which is where all the support is not the older children and this is across the board in ALL allied health services.

Mainstream teaching staff are not paid enough to balance and maintain emotions and behaviours and the gorgeous little traits of these beautiful children along with 25 other children in the class. This is where the SEP staff come into play. HOWEVER when your child will only work with specific aids how does this get managed…..It doesn’t you are picking your child up early from school because the resources aren’t there. ASD children do not cope with change on any level even something small.

Mainstream schools are allocated a substantial amount of funds per child with a diagnosis which is then put into a pool of funds and shared between all of the students and if you look at the statistics per school you are looking at roughly 30 children. This funding does not go directly towards your child meanwhile I am the mother picking my child up early from school because there are no resources. Tell me how this works, that’s right it doesn’t. I can’t tell you how many times in the last 5 years I have been asked to have his medication reviewed because he isn’t COMPLYING at school. I receive phone calls everyday because he’s not COMPLYING!!! BIG DEAL!!! Learn his triggers open his file and have a look, sit with him and ask the questions they are the same triggers we have had for 5 years.

If we talk triggers….On the weekend we went on a weekend away which is near impossible for us as a family as change in environment, new adventures, new smells, new food, new feel of sheets and towels, new pillows I could continue but I’ll pull it up there. We went to Movie World and he decided he would go on a ride and mid ride he went into sensory overload and tried to get off a Roller Coaster by sliding himself out of the safety rails and screaming and crying and shaking all within a minute of being on there. Lucky for both of us it was me on there with him and I held that poor little man so tight and pinned him in the seat all while flying backwards, sideways, up and down holey shit balls what a Roller Coaster!!! It was the worst melt down we have had ever. Even though it was over within 5 minutes it was the most intense extreme reaction I have ever witnessed.

We forget how sensory they are until placed in a situation where they have no control. These beautiful babies need to feel as though they are in control all the time to avoid any of these melt downs. By doing this we are allowing them to gain a sense of responsibility and control. To the parents and family members it looks like we have a spoilt brat who gets their own way continually. To those parents and family members that don’t live with these daily battles they can just not speak to me as their opinions don’t matter one bit. These beautiful babies still have their paths to live and we need to allow them to be themselves. It is our job to get up everyday and allow our children to live. Our children have chosen us…WHY….Because we can save them from jumping out of a Roller Coaster that’s why!!

My Quirky Little Man

I would love for you all to share your stories in the comments as I know I am not the only one the page who has a Beautiful Quirky child. I hope that this has helped someone I know it has.



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