"Light Movement"

To breathe to embrace to sit and feel the flow of the gift of universal energy. We are in total willingness to comply with the orders of the universal sanctum binding contracts and law. Binding in the way that It is our universal birth right to have fluidity within our freedom of speech and freedom of choice. No one person or situation has the right to manipulate the morals and beliefs of our freedom. No one person or situation has the right to enforce conditional restrictions. No one person or situation has the right to oppress our birth right.

Over time we develop the flow and sit in the space of freedom. Our moral compass activates and we have worked hard to allow the ebb and flow of life. We have worked hard to learn who we are as humans and to comply with our self-loving nature and embrace our paths. As Light workers and keepers of the light we are enabling ourselves to spread the word of living in a peace-filled world and allowing the shadows of our own lessons to appear and bring more light into the human world as we know it. As we embody the shadows our strength and light is overpowering and this brings forward the manipulators the unaware unconscious folk that live in the capital of the “Financial Government” the movement they call compliance.

It is easy to train and manipulate the thoughts of the unconscious the 3ders, those bound by money and greed and corporate manipulation. The loss of our freedom is a continual struggle for those of us who connect within the realms of 5th, 6th and 7th dimensions as our roles as keeper of the light is so important. We allow those beings from other places to come and experience what the experiment of Human life is and our race which is full of emotion, control, compassion to say the least. In return they allow us to experience and communicate with them and gain vital knowledge on how our systems work and they teach us that Freedom is our birth right.

Our birth right is to experience and the “Light Movement” is becoming stronger and stronger. We selflessly work with those who are ready to step forward without judgement, without ridicule, without expectations. We will not be laughed at and judged anymore. We have purpose it may not be the same as your purpose however it is our purpose and it is our time now. It is our time to be heard, to evoke the liberty of freedom and to empower “Light Keepers” to keep stepping forward.

This is the “Universal Word”, This is our key to the “Universal Sanctum”, This is the key to our “Freedom of Life”.

In light movement always with love

There is light in everything we hold..


(Channelled Communication 05-05-2019 – 22 – 4)

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