Meld Without Restriction

~ Meld Without Restriction ~

Into the space of the cellular and fractal patterning shift we go this has been happening for quite some time however already recreating our structure our physical bodies are in a place of now or never.  

We are being asked to be present however also to allow the structure to shift and meld with the  energies that once were.  Control is an issue for most right now as the fight or flight, now or never responses are sitting with in our fields.  Its time to let go and step out into the present.  

As we meld, restriction forms in the crown (Headaches, sinus, colds and flues), we have a choice to make. Allow the blossoms of the patterning to fill with the waters of the universe and openly accept and receive with honour the ancient teachings of present being.

Opportunity to rise and rise quickly are upon us if we choose to hear our own callings.  

Meld Beautifully, honourably and with the highest integrity.  This is your calling.

Love Now

ANAH LMAR (Channelled Communication ~ Belinda McKnoulty ~ 30/08/19)

Image: Gaia

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