Our Chakra System

Our Chakra System is so important to nurture and understand...it allows us to have insight into what is going on in a physical sense as it governs our physical body and the responses that we have.  

Energetically we forget that it is an endless supply of universal energy and that we hold a lot of our traumas past and present with the back of our field which has passed through our bodies in the first place.  

Affirmations are perfect for establishing a healthy relationship with our energetic systems.  

Exercise🙏 Over the next 7 days say one affirmation each day focusing on the chakra it correlates too.  Repeat this affirmation several times throughout the day and take note of how you feel.  💕

For our new Vibers here are the correlations🦋

Crown ~ I know Third Eye ~ I See Throat ~ I speak Heart ~ I love Solar Plexus ~ I do Sacral ~ I feel Base ~ I am

💗 Happy Friday Love The Soul Vibes Academy Team

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