Our Internal Weather

~ Our Internal Weather ~

The winds of change are here today...Qld is having some wild weather at the moment combined with dust storms and drought...this post is not about the current weather though it’s about how we move through shifts and changes and how we energetically meld with what is going on in our external worlds. So it’s about our own internal weather forecast...

Most of us like to shift the blame for how we are feeling on situational circumstances, moon cycles, our star signs, the weather, other people whatever we can really apart from ourselves.

Navigating our inner weather forecast is quite simple when we step up and acknowledge what it is we are feeling and WHY...We can choose a sunny beautiful clear day, we can choose to shower ourselves in light rain to simply wash away the day or we can sit in the eye of the storm...It’s up to us isn’t it.

Whatever weather we pick it will always ripple out to our energetic field and then our external lives. When you choose the Sunny day how do you think your energy will be not only to yourselves but to others...they will also feel like having a sunny day. If you choose the storm this to ripples out and conflicts will appear in your outer world why because this is the energy you are rippling out.

We don’t see the trees complaining just because its windy do we....why because they are able to test out their root system. They embrace and flow with grace...a poor root system and they fall over. A bit like us if we aren’t confident within ourselves and support ourselves just like the root system with trees we fall over and that is when we sit in the storm!!!!

The idea is simple isn’t it...Shift your thoughts...when you feel the storm brewing what are you going to do...adjust your internal weather...acknowledge your feelings....make the choice to not sit there for a long time...remember the storm always passes. We need the wind, the rain, the sun, the thunder, the lightening, we need all of it to stay balanced and to accept ourselves for who we are.

A Solid Root System = Equilibrium On All Levels


The Soul Vibes Academy Team

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