Smack Talk

“Embrace the Smack”

Embrace the smack….Interesting concept yes…What in the world is she talking about I can hear some of you saying. The “Smack” is the shit talk that people carry on with. So why am I writing about it…well we are in a world where competition and intimidation is a survival technique for some and the only way they know how to succeed is to talk and talk and talk. Why because they are completely incompetent within themselves, have yet to own and work through their stuff and have nothing better to do. Their smack lifts them up it makes them feel powerful, successful and fills the little void within their world. It allows them to feel a sense of superiority.

Let’s look at the “Spiritual” Industry for instance…How dare someone have a natural ability to heal and connect with spirit and channel like no other clearly this would be reason for “Smack Talk”. Why would a person with these abilities and who keeps to themselves and just follows their path be the “Smacking” point? That’s right because the “Smacker” is intimidated and feels a sense of lack even though they have had very little or no contact with this person or is it just because they are dick? Well its all of the above…

We all have these “Smackers” in our lives and we to would have been the “Smackers” at some stage of our lives. When you sit in a place of flow and contentment you aren’t bothered any more by what people say or do.

Only you can make yourself feel a sense of lack, other’s words and actions shouldn’t bother you. Does it hurt Yes sometimes however when you are good with yourself you say “Smack” Away Bitches.

What I do know is that I excel in my field. I am the catalyst for change and help people shift in a way that others in the industry can only dream of. WHY because I trust myself, I’ve worked my arse off to get where I am and to live my true divine path. I don’t just smack my way through, I do the work on myself each and every day.

Do I justify myself Absolutely not..I do not owe anyone anything. So to all of the “Smackers” Out there following my journey and think I’m that exciting they need to talk each day, maybe just maybe you need to work with me but then again Would I work with you…probably not, the alignment just wouldn’t be there. I embrace your smack and raise you a Whooping. Just chat amongst yourselves because for me it makes no difference, I will continue to Excel, I will continue to step up, I will continue to go through my ascension process and work with the Christ consciousness. Anyone who would like to join me you are welcome to.



Sassy Wins Hands Down

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