Think before you tap..

Think before you tap...

When we look at bodywork services and different techniques and modalities one of the most common forms is hands on Therapy. 60% of our bodyweight is water...The brain and the heart are composed of 73% Water...The lungs are roughly 83% Water...The skin contains 64% water...Muscles and Kidneys contain 79% Water...Even our bones contain 31% Water...Depending on age, gender, body fat those percentages can shift by about 5%. Each day depending on gender, weight, age we need to consume a certain amount of water to survive. For instance middle aged men require roughly 3 litres of water this comes in their food as well as drinking water.

The debateable subject is whether Water has Memory...Many Scientist now have the findings and beliefs that Water has its own memory consciousness. My belief is yes absolutely. Everything has its own consciousness in order to be a part of the greater consciousness. So if we look at what we were talking about in the first paragraph around our bodies and how much water we actually contain. Our body holds onto memory within the cells, tissues, muscles and structures.

Why are we talking about this... What’s the point... Think before you tap this is about gaining awareness that when we are tapping our skin, using physical movement (Example Bodywork, Acupressure, EFT, acupuncture, any type of bodywork) we are then re-activating the memory within the cells regardless of what part of the body we are in. We are stimulating a response. Let’s look at this with two examples.

Example 1 – I have had the pleasure of doing Chakra Dance with Miss Anita and each time I am having dramatic shifts and Memory Recall. I have had an issue with my throat and being able to voice clearly and work with harmonics. During a session the music was pumping (Like back in the day of the raves and nightclubs this was the memory that presented) and as this happened my throat closed, I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t breathe properly) knowing that I couldn’t continue to have these things happen physically instinctively I started to hold my throat and tap around the area. With this physical movement I had all of the flash backs from this time and I was shown how and when this first occurred through an encounter that I had at 16 years old. Whilst being able to stimulate a response my body (Cells and Tissues) were able to work with those memories and push through the trauma that had been sitting in my system allowing me to breathe, sing and move on to the next memory.

Example 2 – if we have an injury say within the back. Our body will remember certain movements and key situations and scenarios that triggered the initial injury and the emotions that sit within that setting off our pain receptors within the body as a memory recall.. When we have those triggers generally we will go and get a massage or bodywork of some kind to relieve the pain. 9 times out of 10 an injury specific to the back will come back to a feeling of lack within self. All of those years of feeling lack will then start to break down (Disc issues, muscular pain and complete spinal deterioration). What causes this....could it potentially be that there are too many memories sitting within the one area and it is slowly becoming dehydrated? If we become “Dehydrated” we are only living on memory not on the much needed water that our body is present with to create new cells and tissues ahhh then the new memories.... AHHHHH Food for Thought...

Think before you tap is a simple message if we break it down. Every living and material object has memory. Hold on you are thinking my lounge that I am sitting on doesn’t have a memory....absolutely it does it remembers that it needs to cushion your backside!!!! The blanket that I have over my legs is in some way remembers that It keeps me warm. The car that I drive is programmed (Memory) how to get me from A to B. The cool air on my neck brings the memory of freedom why because it has stimulated the memory of freedom. So when we look at ourselves and how unique and how our bodies react to different situations, scenarios, people, pain responses we should remember that these are our memories and in order to shift the perception around it so we don’t end up with debilitating illness and pain.

Memories are easily worked through if we want to. In the now and presently allowing our systems to recall and acknowledge. How do you feel when you go to the ocean and put your feet in.....calm, relaxed and you sit with the ebb and flow of the waves washing over and washing out. Our Bodies work the same way. Tap and move the body if you are prepared to stimulate the recall response and memory that sits within the cells. Just remember this work is not for the faint hearted and when you sit in a space of perceived memories it is your body’s way of reactivating the traumas that lie within it. Can you tap and move to much...absolutely. Deep seeded trauma needs time to be looked at and integrated. Stimulating the responses can take you back into the place of darkness in order to bring it to your awareness. Be aware of what you are doing. Don’t just do things because you are told to. When Therapists and practitioners do not have the awareness of the entirety of our complex systems or the understanding of the emotional and triggered responses our bodys it can have a detrimental outcome, we don’t learn about individual systems from books or training courses WE HAVE TO BE ABLE TO FEEL IT. Its your body these are your memoires and this is YOUR LIFE, BE KIND and when you are ready you will know...YOUR BODY WILL REMIND YOU ITS TIME.








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