To Be Held....

To be held...

More often than not you hear I just want someone to hold me....I want to feel held..

This has so many meanings and more often than not we don't understand or know what the true meaning is. I know I never understood or knew the impact of being held whether that be by my husband, my family, my beautiful friends, spiritually, mentally or emotionally.

I've been blessed to work with the most amazing tribe and I've now learnt what being held is truly about. Being held is being able to go through processes and know that you are safe, you are heard, and you are held in the most purest and authentic form. Our tribe hold me in every possible way and its more than ok for me to lose my shit and drop the tightly knit bundle that I thought was the only way to be held and that I had to do it all myself. Its more than ok for me to ascend and embrace the REAL self without judgement.

The beautiful people that choose to work with what we offer are completely held no matter what space they are matter how much they fight, reject and embrace their own growth, they are still completely and unconditionally held. There is not an emotion or physical response that we haven't had the honour of holding.

Your gift to us as healers, friends, family is allowing us to witness your growth through your process and allow us to hold you.

There is no feeling better than being held. We deserve this... as humans our instincts are to show no show very little emotion...we see this as a sign of weakness...this is STRENGTH in its purest and most held form.

We come home back to ourselves held.

Much Love

🙏 Dahlia 🙏

💫Credits 💫

Photo: Sam @ PhotoHunter 💜🙏

Holdee ♡ The gorgeous Lauren who allowed herself to finally be seen in her rawest and most beautiful form♡

Holder ♡ Miss BB gorgeous, whole and complete ♡

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