To lie in the depths of our own Silence

Interesting topics have been presenting themselves in the last couple of months. Commonly as humans we can’t put the physical and emotional together its either one or the other. So to sit and silence the mind and the physical ailments is truly a gift within itself.

Over the last few days I lost the use of my right arm and was in a ridiculous amount of physical pain (Like we are talking tears, treatment and Anti-inflammatory which is a rarity for me however I was still at work despite all of this. I was talking to a young man the other day and we work in an industry where physical pain is the only reason, we see patients and clients. It was deadly quiet in the clinic and for me this was bliss I was just standing attempting to fold towels floating away within the silence. Our young man I was speaking about made it known that it was dead quiet and he didn’t like it...My initial response to him was what are you scared of hearing....which got me thinking.....what am I scared of hearing/seeing.

One of my strengths is that when I do bodywork I am shown the blockages and free-ways if we must of the energy flow like a road map through the body. So why is it that I didn’t want to see my own highway congested (The Flow of energy through the neck) with all of the Cars (Energy Flow) wanting to get off at the closest off ramp (The Arm) causing more congestion a big old TRAFFIC JAM!!!!!! So no energy flow what so ever. The arm was a dead weight lifeless and throbbing like Cars Tooting their horn thinking it will make the traffic move quicker!!!!!

Being that all of the pain was the right side I’ve really had to step back and look at what is out of balance....Yes the words were said “OUT OF BALANCE”. The masculine is working overtime. This could potentially have something to do with a new role I have been working on for the past 2 months which is inflexible in its approach it is also a dominant giving role not receiving. The Fire medicine that I have been working with will also spark a little ignition combined with the Kundalini aspects of the work. Holding so tight to keep all of the wheels turning on my car and they have just fallen off and gotten stuck on the highway causing congestion!!!!!!

The meridian that comes into play is the Large intestine in Chinese medicine.....The large intestine communicates with the Lung Meridian interesting....If we put them in laymen terms Breathing life into the fullest with expansion and digestion of our information and every experience we call life. Our bodies are such complex components of our existence that it is time to step away from just looking at one aspect of this and embrace the entirety.

Once this realisation came in and changes were being made the pain lessened the movement decided to come back. The only number 1 in this world should be YOU. If you are confused about this have a look at how many people would drop everything for YOU...How many people would give YOU their RIGHT ARM....Do what is right for YOU. If you aren’t feeling it don’t do it!!! To come back within and really sit with yourself is the biggest gift YOU can offer YOU!!!

Yes we are in an industry of Service and my role predominantly this life time around is to serve and be the channel to assist those who need it however if I say NO to you take it for what it is....I’m just not feeling it at that point in time there will always be an alternative. We don’t actually NEED for anything and if we can remember that things will be so much easier.



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