Trigger Warning


The life we live is determined by choice. Its determined by what we perceive to be our truth. WE can bury our heads in the sand and be non-existent within our desires and purpose and just follow the crowds and the government led opinions and regulations and just co-exist.

We can be mislead to believe that there is all of this suffering... as we all know how hard it is to exist when there is suffering and pain. We can be told to blame one thing or another because we are trained to believe from a very early age to believe what you are told by those in a position of authority.

We can be told that we need to rely on different organisations, companies and governments because we are in pain. What if we made the choice to exists within ourselves and switched off from all outside media sources and just sat and watched what our planet was doing... What we are doing...

My character has been attacked in the last week because I have not been openly concerned or responded to emails regarding the current situations that are occurring here in Australia. To all of you who have felt it appropriate to throw this at me my response to you all is below. My role this lifetime is not to fix anything it is to be a guide and honour the walk of the human through this lifetime. My teachings flow through on so many different levels that in order to help others see their light it is about embracing the human that you are, simple isn’t it. ITS TIME TO WAKE UP.

It was put to me the other day that I am not an empath because I haven’t posted or feel anything in regards to the fires on our land or that I haven’t sent any healing to the affected areas. This I found very interesting...Let me explain why....There is so much media coverage around what is happening at the moment that the distortion is that we all need to focus on that instead of ourselves...which is great for Government departments, Agenda 21. UN and the Smart city Conspiracies that are floating around. I have had a ridiculous amount of messages and emails from organisations I’ve never heard of to send healing to the affected areas and yes I’ve declined them all.

If we look at ancient times and traditions fires are a part of our rejuvenation process and there is massive shifting happening within the heart of Australia at the moment and there is new order coming into play, new energy coming in and this time of rebirth for us as a country and individuals is here. In no way am I down playing the affect that all of this is having and its terribly sad for the people who have lost the homes and lives. Will this ruffle feathers...Absolutely and that is ok because I have freedom of speech and I am responsible for my own thoughts and actions. My choice is to not attach to the situation but reconnect to myself to allow my space to ripple universally and pulse the Heart Resonance Energy where ever it is needed and Working in a Ascended state knowing that I have no control over that and I don’t want to have control over it, that is not my job.

What can we do...The Need to do something comes from a sense of lack and having to fill your world with other things to focus on beside yourself. We hurt, we sit in pain, we are unable to sit in the heart space. We focus on Freedom of speech and voicing our concerns through Media Outlets and more importantly within ourselves. When we as humans focus on ourselves our heart space opens which sends a ripple effect though the planes. This ripple effect can bring so much positive more than any fundraising, donations, government protests. Humans Crave love and they crave the need to be heard.

Are donations important absolutely however in the right way and for the right reasons and unfortunately in the world that we live in this isn’t the intent sometimes. I just hope that every dollar that has been raised is used appropriately and that the people who have lost their homes are looked after.

Be mindful before you send out those messages for help and have an opinion on those who choose not to respond as this is their choice. Just like it is yours to send the messages and to post what you feel about the current situations. Not everything requires action and forcible intimidation tactics ...sometimes it’s just the observations and your own personal action that is needed.

I understand that this post will not be received well by some and that is ok. This is my truth and I’m sharing. It’s time to wake up.



Silence is golden

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