Unconditional Dance of the Soul

The unconditional dance of the soul is something that we all long for in one way or another. The meeting of another that connects so deeply on every level and every cell of your be~ing inside and out. The full integration and acceptance of self in the physical and spiritual form that there are no walls, no barriers just a bubble filled with love and devotion. I ask you this....would you "sell" your soul for this feeling....ahhhh the taboo of "Selling your soul" sounds juicy doesn't it...or does it?

If you have just cringed at the above words why is that? Is it because it has sparked different words in you "Would you sell your soul to the devil?" ahhhhh now I see where we are heading with this....these ingrained thought and belief systems popping in to say HI!!!! The dance is pure and two souls like dancing serpents when you are lucky enough to encounter...being held in every aspect of your non-physical and physical be~ing, sitting out on the ethers being so connected that there is no one else in the world that you would rather sit with, no one else you would rather dance with. Just this inner knowing that lights you up and gets you a little nervous at the same time...

As the energies weave in and out like a ribbon intertwining and still not getting tangled...maybe there is little tightness there are little poke or kink in the ribbon all for the grater good of dance to PAUSE and sit in that moment just for a short time and then dance again after the un~twining...still feeling juicey....I know I am...Every moment is mirrored....every word is mirrored back for full ascension...every breathe is reciprocated...Every bump is exactly the same size....and so we shall dance...and so we shall embody the sensual and aliveness that soul is...

Why deny yourself the pleasure of being able to connect just because the physical be~ing believes that is not ok....why deny yourself the feeling of unconditional love and acceptance...why deny yourself anything at all...

My love is my dance...and so we shall dance...my soul plays its own music and this is the communication of the soul family...they will come, be presently present and dance with me. To sit in a space where you have allowed yourself the become intertwined and sway to each note is the most pleasurable experience you will ever have.

I'm calling all of you to play your own tune and to allow the dance floor to fill up. "Sell your soul" for the betterment of your growth. Experience all that a Soul Dance has to offer. Just doing your work and thinking you are on your path won't cut it anymore...Its time to RISE. Its time to embody your flow and to bring forward the ultimate connection with self...the ultimate connection with your ancestors....the ultimate connection with your soul tribe.

Listen Listen ~ Listen Listen

BB 🐍

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