When 2 Worlds Collide

Over the last few weeks and in preparation for massive shifting and experience, the feeling of two worlds colliding has been in the forefront of my energy fields. What does this mean…I’m talking about the physical meets the spiritual. Being hit with experience in all areas and having to meld the fields as one. There is no separation at the moment and that is where the ‘Experience” comes into it.

My life to date has been one of success, joy, love, fulfilment, Sexual Abuse, domestic violence, Drug and Alcohol Addictions, Pharmaceutical addictions, crash dieting, self sabotaging, and self harm. What do all of these things mean to me right now…nothing they have no relevance on how I live my life right now…or do they…In my work life I call on these experiences when I need to and this is not a conscious choice it just happens so I can best relate and help my clients. Even though these experiences are called upon there is never a time when I don’t reflect and get shown visions or flash backs as we sometimes call them about how I felt or what the lesson was in that for me so I can continue my growth.

When the two worlds collide Past, Present and then the physical and spiritual I need to remember who I am and what my role this life time is. I am ridiculously lucky in that I know what my purpose is this life time. Most people don’t and will never work it out they just have experience after experience and fail to embrace what it is they are being offered.

How does tomorrow look….I actually have no idea….How will my work change….I actually have no idea…How will my family look…I actually have no idea. Just this concept for some is daunting the fear of living in the unknown and not having a set plan and vision.

What I do know…

· I have been blessed with being offered the role of a Master Healer this life time and offered experiences that have allowed me to completely step into my role.

· I am an amazing Mother to my 4 children and as part of that we go through all realms of life together and teach them the ways like the ancients and ancestors have taught me to bring through to the old world teachings of melding the worlds.

· I am a leader and with this particular role it is about stepping forward and allowing myself to go through that which will help others as well as speed up my ascension process.

· My hands hold the magic of the old ways and people do shift rapidly when in my presence.

· I allow myself to sit in the flow of ALL experience and embrace each opportunity as it comes.

· I am here to work with not only the metaphysical and other realms but have been offered the ability to see and pin point within the physical body where the disharmonious energy and physical ailments lie in order to rectify and allow movement within my clients and myself.

· I am Belinda Jane, I am the gift, I am A Master Healer and Teacher, I am Here to change the World starting with myself.

Knowing all of this what is it that I do day to day….I sit in the flow and allow the colliding of worlds, because without it where would I be….I’d still be wondering who I am and what my purpose is.

What is your purpose…..

How are you going to step into your world and step out of victim status…

Food for thought Absolutely…Go deep and listen to what you are being told…Your heart as your plan you just have to feel and flow with the beat.




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