As we D.E.L.V.E. into the unknown and explore our own inner being through Breathwork we allow ourselves to truly connect and just BE. 


We will teach you different techniques to allow yourself the freedom to explore to drop all stories and just breathe. 


Exchange is $122 for the 3 Breathwork Sessions.  


February 20th 8:30am (Soul Vibes Studio)

March 6th 8:30am (Soul Vibes Studio)

March 20th 8:30am (Potentially will be held at a different venue at Capalaba TBA)


We love incorporating all different techniques and expanding our awareness through the simplicity of the breath. 


No Payment Plans are available for this series.  If you have questions please email

Breathwork Sessions ~ D.E.L.V.E.


    2021 Belinda Mcknoulty - Soul Vibes Studio

    Accreditation & Registration 19081901SVA/2019081901SVA