Energy Healing Sessions

Energy Healing is designed for you to access the benefits of healing in person and via Zoom.  With 12 years experience in the field of Energy Work, Multidimensional Access, Bodywork and Realm communication, Belinda is able to be facilitate whatever healing is required on the day.


Her experience allows her to bring forward exactly what you need and is able to give you a clear direction.


Regardless of whether you choose In Person Sessions or Distance Healing the results can be quite profound.  


In Person Sessions are facilitated at Ormiston.  Address Provided upon booking.


Distance Sessions are facilitated at a time and day that suits you which allows you to be more relaxed and accepting of the sessions.   


FB Video Sessions

Facebook Video Sessions are conducted ata. mutual time and can help to assist with what is going on with you at the moment.  We use many different techniques to allow full spectrum healing and one of those is E.A.T. (Emotional Awakening Technique).  This is a powerful method of transmitting and working with your current energy systems.  Sessions range from 45 minutes onwards depending on the client.  


Potential Assistance

  • Energy Balancing and Clearing
  • Better Sleep Quality
  • Minimise Brain Fog
  • Pain Relief
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Gut and Overall Health
  • More energy
  • More Respect and appreciation for self
  • Mood Stabilisation
  • Meditative state during and after the session


If you are unsure about how we can help please send a message through to the contact us




Energy Healing Sessions