Energy Healing 101 Mentoring - Advanced


6 x 2 hour sessions plus ongoing unlimited support over 6 Months (Some participants may go longer depending on integration time as we all work at different levels) – Exchange $3300 Full Payment Option


(Payment Plans Available $550 per month) Total Exchange $3300 Please email to organise a Payment Plan.


By stepping into your own Energetic connections and using Universal Energy to power the sessions with yourself and clients you will be able to work on a vibrationally higher realm bringing through exactly what is needed. We remove the need for control, umbrella organisations and allow you to simply be you and this comes through with your clients as well.


Energy Field Clearings and Activations are a part of this wonderful series and are given when require. Unlike a normal Attunement for specific Modalities such as Reiki, these activations allow your stagnant energy and meridians to be cleared of any restrictions which all the free flowing energy creating a pure channel.


(We are human and we do have stagnant energy within our system)


The End goal is that you will have your own methods and styles that morph together and work in an environment that allows full spectrum approaches and healing for not only yourself but your clients also.


6 x 2 Hour sessions over a 6 month period. Hands on Healing will be received by participants at least once a month and you will have Real Clients to work with on a regular basis.  These clients are volunteers and People that I have worked with over the years with many different ailments and at all different vibrational levels.


What can potentially be covered during this process

  • Advanced Connection with “Other Beings” and the working of Portal Activation
  • Working with Multidimensions and Channelling within a Meditation and Healing Environment
  • Advanced Body Scanning
  • Advanced Energy Reading
  • Kundalini Activations
  • Acupressure Trigger Points
  • Trigger Point Therapy use within the Healings
  • Basic Massage skills to help soothe and work blood flow
  • Light Activations to open and sustain your chakra system (Clearing Channels)
  • Metaphysical Energy Fields Reading and Working in Layers
  • Advanced Cleansing rituals and protection work
  • Basis of Metaphysical feelings and emotional responses relating to certain metaphysical and physical body responses.
  • Medical intuitive how to and protocols around safe delivery of information and legislation
  • Advances in working with Spirit and your team of guides to communicate and facilitate
  • Basic Life Coaching skills and Problem diversion and solving. Emotional Field Release.
  • How to safely and respectfully deliver information
  • How to work with Substance abuse Clients and addictive personality traits.
  • How to Work with all age levels and appropriate selection of clients.
  • Client and personal analysis (Working with the client to ascertain what is required during sessions.
  • Full ongoing support will be given during and after the Mentoring and unlimited access to learning materials and myself.
  • If you are unsure whether this program is for you please feel free to give me a call on 0455543544.  This program is tailored to suit you level and you will be amazed at how quickly with the right guidance you are able to step up and live your true path.


Program is delivered by Belinda McKnoulty at Wellington Point in Brisbane Queensland.  Some Distance Delivery is available if you are unable to attend a session.  Full Access To Belinda during the 6 months is part of the program.





6 Months Mentoring Package