Energy Healing is designed to help balance the physical and the spiritual and to work through emotional blocks that don't allow us to function at our desired level of purity.


Energy Healing is a hands on Treatment that can help to minimise stress levels and place you in a state of complete relaxation.  Each treatment is different depending on the client.  In any given treatment we can experience spirit connect and the full force of full spectrum healing by creating a safe and nurturing space to clear and move forward. Belinda has 12 years experience in Energy healing and worked with over 16 different modalities and has students all of the world.  Belinda is able to adjust the energies and adapt to any client she has in front of her and is able to bring through a clear channel at all times.


This service has no rules and is facilitated with YOU in mind.  These sessions can be quite big and I ask that you consider blocking your day as you may not want to do anything when we are finished and it allows the energy integrate and you to process.  Please call Belinda if you are unsure.  


This is a Pre-purchased service and an email confirmation is sent after payment to organise your  Appointment.  Exchange is $280  with no set time frame.  


Full Spectrum Bodywork & Guidance

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