Our Personal Mentoring Program is all About YOU!!!  We work towards clearing and shifting the baggage that you have been carrying around with you  that you believe is stopping you from living your true potential.  We work with developing a sense of confidence and freedom of speech that honour you and allow you to be the most authentic version of self you can be.  


We offer guidance and free flowing energy and solutions to help assist those "Stuck" Moments and allow you the freedom to explore who you are and your purpose.  Our sessions can range from just checking in to deep seeded release and spoken "Guidance" Sessions.  


The majority of people walk around with a cloud of "Anxiety" that displays itself in different ways and we work with relaxation methods and guidance on how to overcome these feelings of inadequacy and uneasiness.  


With our frequent checkins and access 24/7 we are able to diffuse and work through situations and scenarios as they occur which allows a clear approach and not one that has been over thought.  By doing this we are helping you to shift the thought and behaviour patterns and the response.  We help you to understand what is goin on within your body, mind and on all aspects and teach you how to stay balanced and recognise your own triggers.


What you receive...


  • Weekly Check in Phone Call (30 Minutes Duration, can go over depending on client)
  • Fortnightly Hands on or Distance Healing Work (Weekly) (Dependant of the client Sessions held Ormiston.
  • Unlimited access via email and Facebook messenger for the client.
  • Access to tools and references that you feel called to during the time period. (Limited of 2 online Workshops, i.e. Kundalini Activation, Orb of Life, Silver Violet FLame, Ethereal crystal Healing, Energy Clearing and Protection, Lotus Fountain Healing, Rainbow light Healing, Usui Reiki Level 1.


Exchange ~ Upfront Payment ~ $2200 (3 Month Package)


Payment Plan Monthly ~ $733.33 (Month To Month Package ~ First session is available After Payment is Made)  Payment plan to be paid via direct deposit or Paypal link below.






Direct Deposit Details

Belinda McKnoulty

BSB 514179

ACC 1732218

REFERENCE ~ Surname and PM3



Total Value Estimated at $3290 


Personal Mentoring ~ 3 Months

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