The Song of Sananga🙏


Known as the fire medicine, Sananga allows you to tap into the world of the "Eye"....

Welcoming the world of clear vision and allowing clarity to expand and trickle or prickle through your Matrix.  


We will weave around you, and administer the "Fire" to each of your eyes, accompanied by the surrendering flow of your breath, and ochestrating of helaing sounds and songs from our ancestors.


Your experience will be unique and true to you, with Kurt Belinda and Anita there to fully siupport, hold and guide you through your journey.  


Sananga is a traditional indigineous medicine made from the roots of specific plants.  It has been used in tribes to enhance their vision quests, hunting, dreaming, to aid in eye conditions. 


This medicine has an intelligence of its own and can be felt and reactivated for days, weeks after the ceremony has been completed.  


Our tribe have been working with Sananga for sometime and it is now time to share these healing blessings your way...


Song of Sananga Ceremony Details:

Saturday 29th August

6:30pm til 8:30pmish

Shambhala Sanctuary, Gumdale

Exchange is $80 CASH or through Website $82.


We are securing sacred spaces now, please reach out here if you feel the call.  


"PLEASE NOTE - Due to current Covid Situations you will be required to complete a form for us.  The Link will be provided in your Confirmation email or you will receive a text message from us. By filling in this form you are assisting our Tribe in Complying and continuing our Sacred Work."



Kurt, Belinda and Anita


The Song of Sananga Ceremony


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