Vision Quest & Meditation


With the offering of the Vision Quest we invite you to step forward and remove the veils of 2020.  This year has been all about seclusion and looking inward.  Its time now to embrace what we have found out about ourselves and step forward removing all perceived visions and enticing the spirit and the physical body to embrace ready to move forward in 2021.  


We will be working with the sacred medicines of Sananga and Hapé if you choose to and hold ceremony with our ancestors and be shown how they walked before the burdens of modern society.  


This will be our last workshop for 2020 and our intention is CLARITY.  


What you need to know:

Date ~ Saturday 19th December

Time ~ 4pm - 6ish pm

Where ~ Soul Vibes Studio Ormiston

(If we require more space we will move to Shambhala Sanctuary Gumdale)

Exchange ~ $55 & a small offering for the space


A little bit about Belinda ~ Belinda has been on her own spiritual journey of self awareness and discovery for the past 10 years and works predominantly with the underlying pull of our Bodies and the connections between the soul's presence, Emotions and the physical body.  By allowing the space to open she moves through these gateways with her clients very quickly allowing the soul's expansion and clarity of the physical body to present itself.  Belinda specialises in pushing through the gateways and working with Energy on all levels.  Her passion lies in the unveiling and shifting of our limiting belief systems and allowing you the space to STEP UP.  


Belinda has been working with the sacred medicines for some time and resonates so deeply with the Magik that Sananga has to offer through the tracking of our physical bodies and the clarity that arises through these "Tickle and Prickle" ceremonies.


Please remember that all medicines are voluntary and nothing is ever forced upon you.  By sitting in the space you are receiving the offerings as well.  There are several ways to work with both medicines and these willbe explained on the day.  


Much Love


Vision Quest & Meditation

  • This is a Pre-Paid event and there are no Refunds.  

    Covid Safe Plan ~ We do offer a Covid safe plan and all attendees must register through a Link that will be provided after exchange and secured booking have been completed.  


2021 Belinda Mcknoulty - Soul Vibes Studio

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