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Healing & Guidance Sessions ~ Our Healing & Guidance sessions are designed to support you in accessing a full spectrum range of healing, whether that be hands on Healing (Like Reiki), Kundalini Activations, Multidimensional Initiations clearing the pathways for our physical, mental and spiritual health, Vibrational Sound and Shamanic Healing and Emotional Awakening Techniques (E.A.T.).  No one session is the same and we never really know what will come up.  

Session Exchange ~ $180 (Held At Soul Vibes Studio ~ Ormiston)

Guidance Sessions ~ Guidance Sessions allow you to gain clarity and insight into whatever area you are contemplating at present.  This is very different to a psychic reading.  You are offered tools and goals to help you maximise your clarity and allowing you to take responsibility and an ease of acceptance within the decisions you make.  We use positive mindset strategies and tools to help compliment your session. 

Session Exchange ~ $180 (Held at Soul Vibes Studio ~ Ormiston)

E.A.T. (Emotional Awakening Technique) ~ We work with the physical dis-tortion that lies within the body to bring forward deep seeded emotion and get to the root cause of the underlying issues that are holding you back in your life right now.  We trigger the bodies responses through personal profiling, dialogue, bodywork and Energy Work.  This system of awakening is a beautiful way to either delve deep or be a little gentle on yourself.  There is no other System of its kind.  Belinda is the founder of E.A.T. and this powerful system is one that encompasses all of our years of trauma work and cracks open the block within 1-2 Sessions.

Session Exchange ~ $220 (Held at Soul Vibes Studio ~ Ormiston)

Full Spectrum Bodywork Sessions ~ Bodywork Sessions are a combination of Massage Therapy, Compression & Infrared Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy and Movement.  We work with not only the physical aspects of the body but prevention by going through to the root of the initial injury and the emotions that lie underneath causing the physical dis-harmony (Pain).  We switch off the pain receptors during the sessions allowing ourselves to accept and integrate the movement within our bodies leaving our systems uninhibited.  These sessions vary in time depending on each clients individual needs.  There are no rules when we are in these sessions.

Session Exchange ~ $280 (Held at Soul Vibes Studio)

Compression Therapy ~ Compression Therapy is our Exciting new recovery system and the way of the future.  This system is exceptional in its ability to get the blood flowing through stimulated compression of the legs.  We work through the lymphatic system allowing the movement of fluid, blood flow and detoxes the system.  It clears lactic acid from the muscles and restores normality back into the muscles.  

BENEFITS - Decreases Pain and Stiffness ~ Reduces inflammation & Swelling ~ Improves Circulation ~ Enhances Metabolic Clearance ~ Faster Recovery Times During Workouts ~ Helps to ease Restless Legs Syndrome ~ Lymphatic Drainage

Session Exchange ~ $30 (Half Hour) - $55 (1Hour) ~ We also have a monthly option of  1 x 30 Minute Session per week for 4 weeks @ Exchange of $100.  

(Sessions Held at Soul Vibes Studio ~ Ormiston)

Complete Recovery Session ~   These sessions include Massage Therapy and Acupressure/Trigger Point Therapy, Reboot Compression System and Infrared Therapy.  this is a beautiful Combination of all Bodywork Services that benefit the fine tuning and easier recovery of muscles and systems.

Session Exchange ~ $120 (Times may vary however please allow 1.5 hours)

(Held At Soul Vibes Studio ~ Ormiston)

Other Services

One to One Personal and Spiritual Development

Drumming & Crystal Bowl Sound Baths

Meditation Groups

Vision Quest Ceremonies - Earth Medicine Ceremony  

Weekend Journeys & Retreats

Business Development (Websites/Guidance)

Spiritual Initiation Workshops

Conscious Collaborations

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